Saturday, September 12, 2009

SCAL- Making a shaped Album

This will be a step-by step process and will be take several days so please come back often for the rest of it...

I am making an album for a Christmas craft show that will be happening in December. Since it is so far off, I find myself puting this off, but I just can't do that.

First thing I did was try to find some paper that I want to use for the album. If you want the entire thing to match, then buy a paper pack and use the papers from that. I chose a Martha Steart paper pad. Now for the shape.

I got my initial shape from the Winter Woodland Crcitu cartridge and played with it in Inkscape. I will be posting a video here later to show the steps on how I arranged them in inkscape.

The book will have 11 pages and will be aprox 11" X 11"- so a nice sze. The hardest part is figuring out original design and then each page design. Embellishing is the funnest and therefore, the easiest.

Off to make the video on how to do the design in Inkscape.
Oh and before I forget, here is the pic of the design I will be using.