Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woo Hoo

A couple months ago I submitted 4 cards to CardMaker Magazine and yesterday I got an email that they selected one of them for their March 2010 Issue- I am so honored. I have been subscribing to the magazine

Files - Precious Moments

Here are a couple files for SCAL- One is SVG and one SCUT. I will be adding more soon. I changed some of them that are in my book so I will redo them and post them too. I also have made a video on how to do this in case you want to make changes on the coloring book pages, as I always do.

Here is the SVG for the girl above with the bonnet - I took out the grass in leaves in this one
Here is the SCUT for the girl with the bunny below

Let me know if you prefer SVG or SCUT and I will make save the files with what the majority likes.

Have a great day and hopefully I will be back later today with some more posts-It's a busy day!

Monday, June 29, 2009

June Paperwishes Card Swap

This is the card I made for Sonshine in the Paperwishes June Card swap. The card is made with dazzles and PW paper

Precious Moments Album - Completed...Almost

First, I want to apologize for double posting - Second, sorry for the tremendous amount of pics. The album shape came from an idea I saw from someone named rainedakota - I usually make my own shapes, but wanted to do something more simple, so I scraplifted it from her.

The Album is aprox 11 X 11"

My Precious Moments album is finally done, other than some more embellishing I want to do on some of the pages. I will be posting a tutorial on how I converted the coloring book pages to these paper piercings later.

The cover shows the detailed roof- I cut the shingles out and inked them all separately and used a fiskars punch for the top window ledge.

Pages 4 and 5

Page 5

I put some flock on the bunny to add some fluffiness to him.

Tag holder was cut with tags, bags and boxes Cricut cartridge.

Pg 5

I used white fabic paint on the lamb. The bunny is a sticker that I put onto cardstock and cut out. I didn't like the original bird that was in the coloring page as it was too difficult to see what it was.

Page 6 and 7

Pg 6--

I still need to add some more flowers around the rope on this little girl.

The right side of this page holds a couple tags that she can write on.

Pg 7

Metal plate and a wonderful dazzle

Page 8 and 9

Still needs some flowers around the fountain. I added liquid glass to the bird bath to make it look more like water inside. The little duck is a rubbon that I put onto cardstock and cut out, also added liquid glass to him too.

Pg 9

Page 10 and 11

I erased the original words from the coloring page and wrote my own on the signs.

I thought that this page would be used so that the team can write well wishes for the baby- DH like that idea, so we will see if he does that :)

Edited to add the binding-

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Bow Tying

I have seen quite a few people wanting to tie bows and having some problems, so I am going to make this post full of links on how to tie and techniques. I will update it as I get new links...

Lets Fork

Crafter's Companon

Bows & Flat Knots Video

Bow Tying Video

Stamp TV- Cheater Bows

Classic Bow- on this blog

Tailored Now- This blog

The Pink Stamper video- Bow Tying

Video Tutorial - Tie a Simple Bow with Doublesided Ribbon

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Precious Moments

I just love piecing these together, it's like doing a puzzle! My weekends are just not as productive as I want. DH's computer is broke so he has one that doens't work too well, and he feels the need to steal mine all the time LOL I use my computer to cut my images and make my laoyout and that means I just fiddle with whatever I have out already. I did manage to get this one done ealier this morning and now he is off to the store, so I have a sec to post :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Precious Moments SVG


I have been playing with these things for two days straight and figured out the best way to make them work. I added some flock on the bunny, stickles on the dress and liquid glass on the bunny dress and the bows. --

I saw someone else with a couple files, but when I tried to use them, I didn't like how much of the shadow there was so I made my own. If you want a copy of the SVG, leave me a comment with your email. I would put a link here, but my virus protection just expired and I have heard some attacks on the upload sites, so I'm staying away.

Precious Moments House

Sneak Peak...Not complete, but wanted to post up some pics to show you I have really been doing something. The pages are not sewn together yet, and just layed together to show how it will look on the front once it's put together.

I am making this House shaped Album for DH's manager- she is going on maternity leave in a couple weeks and I wanted to make something for her. I'm not sure why I chose Precious Moments, but I did. I took coloring book pages and converted them so that I could cut them out with my cricut. I have only completed 4 pages and need a total of 11. The paper piecing is a little detailed and with a 19 month-old baby who doesn't like napping much these days, it's hard.

The little bear with his presents to the baby- The bow is from a fabric flower that I cut in half- Added Stickles for the dots.

The door is the same door from the Minnie Mouse Cartridge, just used the door from her house and added a flower and Big brad from Paper Wishes- The knob is a small brad.

More will be added to this page, I'm just not sure yet what :) I used the Fiskars Heart Edge punch for the tops of the windwos.

The rooof tiles are all cut individually, inked and layered for some depth.

This image was a coloring page that I converted and tweeked up so that I could cut it with my cricut-- I hand drew the eyes as I do on most things to make them sparkle a little more.

The baby's name will be Makayla. I am just hoping that DH got the spelling right. THis will be the first page once you open the book.

I Followed another Image and just added my own details to make it look simular.

I will post more pics as I get them done, but it's turning out to be so cute! I just have to fine a way to piece those images together without a little boy trying to lend a helpnig hand.