Thursday, October 8, 2009


My dream has been to own a scrapbox for a while now- I saw a picture in a magazine last year and have wanted one ever since- well, Midnight Madness is having a drawing and giving one away and I'm here to tell you about it.

Oh and since looking on the website, I have foud more things I like the ribbon box- and did I mention that it is only $19.99 - if you order from there Enter this code when you place your order to get $100 off your shipping: 100Writes

Here is a snapshot of what it is the scrapbox is:

The Work Box™ is every crafter’s dream. It’s a workspace and a storage solution that looks like a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture. There are drawers, nooks and spaces for all of your stuff!
On wheels, The Work Box is fully transportable. It folds up into a handsome box, hiding all of your supplies from sight. This system comes with a collapsible work table and adjustable shelves.
There are 85 removable canvas totes with label inserts that fold up for easy storage. There are also 20 removable clear zipper pouches in 3 sizes.
Choose either raised panel or beadboard door styles and black or vanilla colors to match your room decor.
Included Canvas Tote Sizes:
(3) 6"width x 12"length x 12"high(22) 12.25"width x 12.25"length x 3"high(10) 12.25"width x 12.25"length x 5.5"high(30) 3"width x 12"length x 3"high(20) 5.5"width x 12"length x 4.5"highTotal: 85

Included Clear Zipper Pouch Sizes:
(2) 13" x 13" Large (6) 13" x 6" Medium(12) 6" x 6" SmallTotal: 20


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