Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SVG Request

For those interested in Precious Moments SVG's- pick out one's that you would want converted and I will convert them for you- Here is a great resource with lots of pictures, remember to go through all three-

I wanted to give some steps with pictures on how I "color" my images cut on the cricut. For the first image, I didn't cut the letters that were on the sign and just made the sign blank. I also leave the eyes blank because it's easier to just color them than try to piece them together. The great thing about the PM images is that their eyes are normally all black, but I add some color just because. The image above is okay, but needs more dimension.

The next thing I do is take my black Zig journaling pen and color in the eys and wrote the words on the sign. I also drew in more of the lines in the tree as well as around the lace. Anywhere I thought there should be more definition. I will look at the regular coloring page to get some of the lines, but it doesn't matter if it's not perfect- mine is far from it.

The last thing I do is outline some of the lines in sharpi markers. I did her hair and the grass as well as a few others. Then I added some yellow stickles for some added glitter effects.

Let me know if this is any help at all, and if interested in a PM image, let me know which ones you would like converted.


Tanya said...

Thanks, this does help me!!