Sunday, July 5, 2009

WARNING! Tons (& TONS) of pics to follow!

This was the first year away from my mom for the 4th of July. It was a little sad and I really missed them, especially as the fire works were going off. The day was great though. We went to Patriots Point, where they had a huge event with food and kids stuff all over the area. The fireworks were shot off the USS Yorktown and I have never seen such a magnificent site!!!! It was so symbolic and not to mention how spectacular the show was. There was a live band playing and then patriotic songs were played while the fireworks were skyrocketing. My daughter was so amazed and said that she, and no one in our entire family, had ever witness something so extraordinary! She is so right, there were so many!!!!

You can see where they were shooting them on the ship, this was towards the end and they were sparying them like guns- it was amazing!

Kasiah, waiting patiently

Kasiah by the big guns!!!

Next to a torpedo

Stryder doing his thinking pose: Lips are sticking out and the scowl shows he is in deep thought.

Stryder loves to do whatever his sister does. I love this picture because it captures the moment. They are both wearing the same shirts. My mom bought them matching and Kasiah wanted to make sure they both wore it today. They both just happened to wear blue shorts too.

Uss Yorktown in the background

Stryder playing with a glowstick.

A man nearby gave him a flag - sat right down and started to wave it.

Sunset with boats in the water.

USS Yorktown, what a site!!!!

The beginning of the show...

Stryder holding tightly to Daddy, but very curious. It's way past bedtime, but he got a glimpse.

These were shootig right off the ledge.

Again, right on deck- just beautiful!

All tuckered out...The End!


sophiesmama said...

Great photos Anj! I know I've told you this before, but you have the most beautiful children! Those big brown eyes just melt my heart.
Thanks for showing us your family and your great 4th of July. Bet your Mom can't wait to get these photos!