Monday, August 17, 2009

Crystal Embelishment Swirls

I was looking through a book and it had a great idea in it that I wanted to try. I went to show my mom and she was in the middle of taking all of her stickers off the sheat and taking her chipboard off to put it into plastic bags. What was left was the negative space and these beautiful swirls!

My mom got these at a craft warehouse. They are plastic with flat bottoms. I have some that I got at Michaels at home. When I get back I want to make this with crystals. I colored the bottoms with my bic markers to match her herritage book she is making.

I put the plastic sheet on with some temporary tape---hard to see the plastic, but it's there. You can use anything see-through.

I laid them out the way that I wanted after placing some glue down. The best glue for this is Tacky. I use Aleen's- it takes longer to dry on this material, so don't do the next step until it is completely dry.

Here it is all glued down.

Trim around the design and you are done. Use them anywhere you want a little design and texture.


Jeanne said...

I got some of those at Craft warehouse too! They ROCK
I got the pink ones and they aren't that great tho, I want the blue, green and orange lol
GREAT idea too tfs!!

Michell said...

wow!! these are beautiful...
Even i want to use this..
can you teach how to use this...

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CraftyViolet said...

Nice idea! Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

Love this idea, how simple but so effective.