Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bic Markers and coloring

I really wanted to try watercoloring in a new way, but when I tried it, it was a mess. The colors I chose came out way tooo red, so I went to my trusty coloring techniques. I wanted to show how I organize my pens first. I put them colored coded and numbered in a box that was actually meant for beading, I just took out the extra pieces I didn't need. I numbered all of the pens and found that they still rubbed off so I renumbered them and put tape over the numbers. I marked all of the colors onto the same water color paper that I use when stamping so I knew they would be the same when I wanted to color my images. I found that the Bic markers work and blend a little better and they do not smell as bad!

The first thing I do is color the image with the lightest color I want on the bottom. Since I am going to paper piecing this, I am only concerned with the bear and it doesn't matter if I go outside the lines a little.

After it dries just a little, I go over the shadows with the same color, making them stand out a little. You can keep doing this until you get to the right shade. I just did one layer here.

Then I chose a different color to set it off even more- Orange! Do not wait for it to dry and color small circles over the top with the first original color to give it some blending. This will also make it so that there are not any harsh edges.

I did the vest the same way using Orange and red for the main part and yellow and orange for the pockets.

The last thing I do is add some dimmensional glaze. I used CTMH liquid glass for this one.


sophiesmama said...

Great tutorial, Anj! TFS


Lavendar6616 said...

I hope this works. wonderful info. thanks