Monday, June 8, 2009


• How many small pieces of ribbon do you own? Here's a quick way to use those without tying your fingers in knots. Cut off a small piece of the ribbon and set it aside. Take the remaining ribbon and adhere the ends to the item that you want a knotted ribbon on. Then take the cut ribbon piece and tie a knot around the adhered piece of ribbon. It takes less ribbon this way since you aren't going around the entire item.
• To dry emboss an item when you don't have a light box or are using dark paper, put your paper on your template and use your stylus like a crayon and rub it across your paper/template. Once you see the basic pattern appear, use the fine point on your stylus and go over the design to create a well-defined embossed creation.
• If your layout has pockets and you want to put it in a page protector, cut slits so that you can pull the items out of the pockets. Use a straight pin to mark the corners of the pocket while the layout is in the page protector, and then use an exacto knife to cut the slit. Voila! Interactive layout