Saturday, June 6, 2009

Card Sketch

I am going to try my hand at some sketches and see how it goes.

Usually, I am the one that needs a sketch and I don't really draw them, but I will try something new.
So just what is the Sketch Challenge? It is simply an invitation to create a card using a particular sketch or layout.Everyone is invited to play along!
What is a challenge?
A challenge is simply an invitation to make a card! The “catch” is that your card must follow certain “rules”….the rules are outlined within each challenge. For example, in the Technique Lover’s Challenge, your card must use the particular technique that was posted. Each challenge is not a race to see who can make one first, nor it is a contest to see who makes the “best” card! It is really fun to see all the different ways stampers can make radically different cards that still fall within the parameters of the challenges. Challenges are a great way to actually get stampin', and often helps us grow and stretch beyond our normal stamping comfort zones.
What are the different weekly challenges?
Technique Lover’s: create a card using a particular technique
Color Combinations: create a card using certain colors (or similar colors).
Card Sketches: create a card that uses the posted layout.
Inspiration: create a card inspired by the posted inspiration piece.
How do I get started with playing along with the challenges?
Everyone is invited to play! Just read the challenge, create your card, upload to the gallery with the appropriate keyword(s), and post a link to the card in the comments below.
Can I do a challenge after another one has been posted?
You betcha! The challenges have no time limits...feel free to do a challenge at any time, and post a link to it in the appropriate challenge thread. It does NOT have to be done on the day it is posted, and you are not "late" if you chose to do it another time.