Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watercoloring and embossing

I wanted to try a new technique yesterday and it came out so good on my card, I thought I would do a sort of tutorial on it. I haven't used my Martha WWatercolors in a while, but found out through some videos that they work well with an aqua painter. Basically, it's a paintbrush with water inside. I wanted to see if I embossed each color seperately if it would give a good outlined dark color but not be too much- it worked out great! Listed above are the tools that I used, including my embossing markers, powder, Marth markers, embossing gun, a zig marker, scrap paer to wipe the aqua brush off and my printed design.

I started of using my zig marker and just outlining the image. I didn't do this carefully, just wanted a sort of drawing look.

I then used my dark green and brown embossing marker and outlined the tree, and then used my heat gun to emboss it after putting the clear embossing powder on top.

I did the same thing with the sand and grass using the lighter brown and green colors. I also did the blue water and ripples.

I used my Martha "Putty" and made two lines under the embossing brown.

Using my Aqua Painter, I spread out the brown down to the grass.

I did the tree here with Chestnut and Evergreen markers

The grass was using the Glade color marker, spreading it with water and wiping clean after each color.

I used Cornflower for the water, just coloring around the outlines and finishing with the aqua painter.

I used Cornflower on the top of the pier and also on top of the sand dune.

If you noticved in teh top pics, I had a finger print on the left side, I just cut it off and inked the edges to make sure that it would still look okay :)

Now the finishing touches- I added some more Putty under the grass.

Inked the edges and blended the sand some more and here is the finished design. On my original one, I sprayed it with glitter mist, but it took a long time to dry and I didn't want to wait this time around :)


~Just me again~ said...

Wow, this is a great tip. I will go out and get some water color paper.