Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ultimate Crafter's Companion

The Ultimate Crafters Companion is everything you will ever need for your card making and paper craft projects in one handy and portable carry case. It builds on the features of the award winning Top Score and Enveloper tools, and is designed to take your crafting onto the next level by providing an array of crafting utilities at your fingertips. Perfect for creating professional looking cards in a variety of imaginative styles: Pop out, K-card, embossed and classic. It was also designed to create boxes, trim paper, make envelopes, make bows, and even store your projects in progress. Also included is a video tutorial DVD. Constructed of durable plastic with a double-hinge system that allows this unit to lie completely flat, giving you approximately 14" x 23" of work surface. Everything stores quickly and easily inside, so you can fold-n-go or fold-n-store in a hurry.

I had the crafters companion enveloper and also the topscore both and yet, I LOVE this one even more! I have made a few cards since recieving it and have used it for all of them-either with the bow maker, folding or envelope. The cutter is a small utility blade in an enclosed mechanism, so replacements should be easy and cheap.

I did look up some other reviews and this is what people said:

4/5 I am using this product for my daughters engagement party for her favors. Great for making end of year gifts for teachers, etc. You can take it with you outside or if you are going on a trip.
I just wish they gave you more video projects and maybe one more board of designs, a heart and butterfly is very limited

5/5 I have made boxes, scallop edged tri fold cards, and envelopes. I am looking forward to doing a lot more with it. It is user friendly. I only wish the accessories would stay in place better than they do if you open it upside down.

1/5 Although the concept of this tool is great, the execution is awful. You spend more time trying to put the thing back together than you will spend using it. Every time you open it to use it, the hindges that hold it together come off. The tools fall out every time you open it. Some people may find ways around that, but should you have to? You spent your hard earned money on it, it should work as it is suppose to with out any modifications.

2/5 This would be better if it had a ruled score line base. Sometimes I just need to score at 1" or 2" and this doesn't have that feature. The CD is good and easy to follow, but I just need the basic ruled score lines as well.

4/5 The actual boards are solid strong plastic, it is the hinges,closure, and tools that I have an issue with. When the hinges and closure finally break, I'm sure it will be soon, I will use velcro strips to keep it together.

The actual boards are great! Easy to use, makes folds perfectly. Love the box maker, it makes it so easy to construct different size boxes with lid that fits perfectly.

I would buy again, but would realize that it is for the actual boards, not for the additional features.

4/5 I use this mostly to make cards. The DVD that comes with it has some great ideas for making unique cards and mini books. I haven't had a chance to do them all yet, but the ones I have tried were relatively easy with a little practice. My major gripe with this board is it's a bit clumsy, the hinges sort of move around making it a little difficult to handle. Also, the tools which are stored in the board do not click in and fall out whenever I open it- annoying, but not enough that I wouldn't buy it again. I think I'll try some velcro to solve the problem. Don't buy this for the cutter as it is a cheap plastic thing with a straight blade. Stick with a regular trimmer.

5/5 I use the crafters companion for cards, scrapbooking, and making envelopes. Everything is just so handy and well thought out. The DVD that came with the tool is just wonderful with very specific directions and lots of ideas on how to use product. I'm glad I bought the crafters companion and would recommend it to any papercrafter, it just makes everything so easy.

As of todays date, you can get the crafters companion at Ritz Camera for 46.99 + Shipping-- I did hear of their sister site that offers free shipping though. The site