Monday, May 11, 2009

Basic Card Making

This is to show the basics of card making and the steps that I do. You can change the order and even change the steps to fit you. I have received a lot of questions on how I do it.

1. Choose the layout of card
I will often look at other cards for inspiration or even look at "maps" to see what layout I like the best. Just look at a card that makes you feel good. This doesn't mean you have to copy it, but use it for inspiration. It's a great starting place.

2. Choose colors for card
Sometimes I choose similar colors as the inspiration piece and other times I see a paper that I really like and want to use. Often, I change these colors as I go, but I do like to get all of my colors together before I start building.

3. Cut the base for the card.
When choosing the base color, it is almost always solid. I use a sliding cutter tool and cut the base. I tend to lean to 5.5 X 5.5" or 5 X 7" but that is up to you. There are also places that sell the base by itself, but lately I choose the base to compliment my card. If I make a 5.5 Card, I cut it 5.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. I then get my slider cutter out and place the card as if I was going to cut it in half lengthwise. Instead of cutting, I use my bonefolder and crease (score) it at 5.5". Fold it in half, with the crease out.

4. Cut out pieces, but do not glue them together.
By not gluing in the step, it lets me have the option of sewing the pieces together before placing on my card base.

5. Mat all of the pieces together and sew what I want sewn.

6. Choose my image and color it.
I use Martha Stewart markers and a blending pen. This only works if you put your image on watercolor paper.

7. Add embellishments to top layers before placing on card base.

8. Glue or tape to card base.