Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fiskars Embossing Plate and your Cuttlebug

I remember seeing a post on this somewhere, and tried it with my own supplies. I got my silicone mat from mt grandma at Christmas. I don't think she intended me to cut it up and use it for my crafting, but I still have two more after this one is used up. You can find the same things at home stores all over.

This baking sheet is flat on one side and the other has a slightly rough texture. Cut the siliconre to the size of the cuttlebug spacer plate.

So once you have the silicone cut to size the sandwich gose like this. Place your A spacer in the cuttlebug machine

Then your Fiskars texture plate with the side you want to emboss facing up.

Then your card stock

Then the silicone sheet...smooth side can see here in this pic the texture of the rough side. Depending on the thickness of your cardstock, you may have to use two pieces of the silicone.

Lastly, lay your C spacer on top

Please remember whatever you run through your cuttlebug that is not designed for that machine is done at you own risk so take it easy the first time you run it through as the silicone you choose may be a different thickness as was Tamara's found here.