Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classic Bow

If you simply want a bow without tying it around anything, theconcept is rather simple.

1 Fold the ribbon back and forth to form two loops (or bunny ears).

2 Tie the two bunny ears together, left over right.

3 Pull gently, and trim ends as desired.This classic bow is an easy way to add an accent to your projectwithout wrapping the ribbon around an element of your project.Tie this classic bow, and adhere it to your project with Glue Dots.

To make a Classic Bow (around a card or object):

1 Start with your ribbon around the card or object. Cross left endover right end, wrap around, and pull through.

2 Make a loop with the ribbon that is now on the right side. Bringleft end toward you and around the loop.

3 Push left end through hole forming a second loop.

4 Pull loops gently.