Sunday, May 17, 2009

SuperHero Dad

I found this design at Dustin Pikes blog and feel in love. I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but knew no matter what I did, he would be cute. My husbands computer crashed yesterday so he has been using mine, which means I have to find other means to get inspiration for my creations. I have an expo I am going to be going to next month and want to bring a bunch of Dad cards since it will be right before Fathers Day, so I thought it would make a great card. I asked DH what colors (it was a pick between two) and told him my idea, so he chose the bright primary colors.
I matted the papers and sewed them ,but realized my settings were wrong when I did the first one, but it still turned out and no one will know :-)
The letters are from alphabet soup. The paper and other embellishments I got from HSN.
For the inside, I printed out the sentiment on regular paper and then just placed the green paper on top with removable tape and printed it again- this time it was where I wanted it on the color that I wanted.
I added dimensional fabric paint to the clouds and just a little bit of stickles throughout for more interest. Lastly, I added crystal glaze. I find that it really hides a lot of the imperfections and gives the image more dimension.


sophiesmama said...

Super cute! I love Dustin's work too. I'm working on his little dragon flying a kite. Love this little hero guy too.

D'ployed Designs said...

OHHHH -Can't wait to see you come up with. I love that dragon too, just wasn't sure how to make a card for him.