Monday, May 18, 2009

Day - to - Day Events

Monday –How To-Tips and Tricks
On Mondays I will be posting tips and tricks. I will keep my eye out for things being mentioned on the message boards and see if I can post them here. If you have any questions, please ask them and I will try to post the answers here.

Tuesday—New Technique Tuesday
Tuesdays I will be trying something new that I have not tried or want to try again. Please let me know if you want to try a new one with me or have a special request.

Wednesday—Tutorial Wednesday/ Video
On Wednesdays I will post tutorials and once I get my videos going, I will post them this day.

Want to join in a challenge? I will be posting challenges here. The challenges are meant for all levels -this is just a place to see what we can all do and practice what we learn. It is open to all crafts and not just cards. I will be focusing on the Paperwishes webisodes on this day and trying to do their projects, but since I do not own everything on the site (yet) and I’m sure no one else does, I may dig into the archives.

Friday—Store Reviews
On Fridays I will be adding reviews that people have had on different stores they have used, either online, or elsewhere. Please help me out and let me know of any experiences you have had or let me know if you have had great (or not so great) service with anyone.

Saturday—Product Review
I will be reviewing different products on Saturdays. Since most of my tools and accessories I get are from Paperwishes, that’s what I will be mainly focusing on. Again, if you have a request, let me know


sophiesmama said...

Girl, you're becoming a work-a-holic! Don't you know about all work and no play...LOL!

D'ployed Designs said...

Oh, but this is play :) I LOVE it. I try to sit still and just can't- my brain is always looking for something more to do so this keeps me busy and I have so much fun...Welcome to my Playland!