Saturday, May 23, 2009

Review - Crafters Ultimate Cutting Toolkit

I decided to write up a review on the Crafters Ultimate Cutting Toolkit and pull some info from other sites as to not be biased. Please comment under this thread your personal experiences. This is in no way supposed to be the "right" way, it's just my own opinion and views.

Crafters Ultimate Cutting Toolkit

It’s the ultimate! This fantastic toolkit contains: • 17”x14” magnetic cutting mat—yes, it’s magnetic!• 8 magnetic posts to hold your project in place while cutting• 18” magnetic ruler• Craft knife with 5 refill blades • Rotary cutter with 2 refill blades and a scoring blade• Circle cutter (precise circles from 1/2” to 6”) with 5 refill blades

Rating on PW is 5 stars, staing that it came with all of the tools they needed to start out.
Avg customer rating on others sites is around 2.5-3 stars. Comments varied stating that the product was difficult to use, and only a handful saying they loved it.

My personal opinion is that there may be better tools to get. I have most of the tools in this set and do not use them. The mat looks good and that may be the best thing about this. I hope others can bring their opinion on this, I have not used it personally.


Lavendar6616 said...

Many thanks for reviewing this. I took your advice and ordered the PW cutting matt, due here in a few days.