Friday, May 22, 2009


I just learned that you can use bic markers or Sharpies and have the same (or almost the same) result as with Copic markers. I am not able to afford the copic and have settled with Martha Stewart markers. They have served well but I am just not really into the watercoloring that much and it's a lot of work to get something that is not up to my pickiness. I did a cowboy today with them just to see and I have to say, I LOVE the result! Very bright and the "blending" was so much easier. I think I will even get better as I get used to them. Oh and did I mention that I have 75 colors, woo hoo! DH said he is happy because his wallet is happy. I was going to start saving for those copic markers, but there are other things that I want more and now they can wait. For over $4 a marker, I just can't see spending money and there are so many that I'm sure I would have to have all of them :-)

His one arm is bright- I am going to have to search for a bic or sharpie that is a little less orange, or red. I used a different marker on the rest of the ski until I figure something else out.


sophiesmama said...

He's adorable! That's a good tip about the markers...thanks for sharing.